[ Experts invited ] how to analyze a "ListView" way to achieve ?

Category: VC/MFC -> UI Author: nan283335612 Date: 2002-02-05 16:58:49
2002-02-05 16:58:49
A software used in an advanced " ListView " controls

spy ++ see the window class named xxxListView, it is estimated that the internal implementation is not ListView, because spy ++ view , when you click " ListView " when the item, only WM_USER message , and no Windows standard ListView news.

Is there any way to know the implementation of the control ?
in order to find a method of operating the controls ?
example, expand an item / get the item   text , etc. ?  
2002-02-05 17:08:43
This estimate is written in their own window class , if it is completely custom message , then, is difficult to analyze .
2002-02-05 17:22:58
whether the function in C # listview control almost ?
implementation is to obtain data control or insert data into the control ?
said specific point ! ! !
2002-02-05 17:32:29
window is then advanced to the standard window messages as the basis , which do not require a response WM_MOUSEMOVE to handle mouse events and other news ? You are not in the SPY ++ in certain standard message banned ?
2002-02-05 17:41:14
general controls at the time of writing is to communicate through messages , and now the message is all custom difficult analyzes , or linked to this thread in the child go , look at the news to try.
2002-02-05 17:53:12
can only look at its news
2002-02-05 18:00:03
learning , attention in
2002-02-05 18:09:09
Photo Let's cut open our eyes .
2002-02-05 18:23:15

ah , you should write your own window class.
this case, there is no way to analyze it?

control of access to data , and controls the operation . For example, expand all the item, get the item   text, if the item   text matching certain conditions on double-click.
2002-02-05 18:32:14

can really see the   WM_MOUSEMOVE such as mouse messages , but can not get the mouse message ah want the data according to ( get item   text, if the item   text matching certain conditions on double-click. )
2002-02-05 18:43:43

how to further analyze its WM_USER news?
2002-02-05 18:57:41
up .....
2002-02-05 19:02:05
hey , it seems only so knot posted