Can anyone tell me, DELPHI preparation procedures (including databases) how packaged??

Category: Delphi -> Database Author: cbazqj01 Date: 2014-12-14 10:30:00
2014-12-14 10:30:00
been very depressed,
do not know how packed
just heard, in a written procedure on the machine, in order to another machine can run, we should pack
how packaged?
2014-12-14 10:40:43
is to do the installation inclusive, there are many tools

(on a machine to write a program, in order to another machine can run, we should pack)

But this sentence is not necessarily correct
2014-12-14 10:54:30
If fabrication and installation procedures: using wiseinstall
2014-12-14 11:07:25
DELPHI comes packaged tools must have
ExcressShield remember
landlord can go DELPLHI box search, many
2014-12-14 11:18:47
There comes packaged tools online check it
2014-12-14 11:33:53
inno setup this good wow ~ ~ ~ ~
2014-12-14 11:51:24
with packaging tools ah, will learn the.
2014-12-14 12:11:05
mainly to see what your program needs a runtime environment.
VC generally require
VB VC runtime libraries need the VB runtime library
DELPHI is generally not required. General copies of the past on the line.
If using BDE, be sure to pack BDE.
ADO usually comes WINDOWS, However, if the low version may have problems.
other similar.
2014-12-14 12:17:45
Setup Factory
2014-12-14 12:28:59
agree: foxyy8888 (NO PASSWORD)
If SQLSERVER or oracle database, you also need a database driver package, the package should also contain these.
2014-12-14 12:32:26
Then you can tell me the specific methods?
2014-12-14 12:51:10
About wiseinstall, is actually very simple, you go to download one, and then up a lot Chinese production of help files installed, I believe you have a lot of google next harvest, the first time I spent a morning time, I believe you will be relatively fast
2014-12-14 12:55:23
I use FireBird + Delphi was packed with Winrar .